About Us

About Us

We, ENCON Thermal Engineers, were founded in 1978 during India's energy crisis. The phrase "Energy Conversion and Conservation" inspired the name. ENCON began producing furnaces and related equipment after establishing its credentials in energy management systems and heat recovery systems. The company works with honesty as a manufacturer & exporter to offer Air Blowers, Boggie Hearth Furnace, Horizontal Ladle Preheaters, Battery Curing And Drying Oven, Retrofit in Washing Machines and many other products

Our company is run by skilled Technocrats and Engineers with extensive experience in designing, manufacturing, commissioning, and installing Fuel Efficient Systems. We have worked on several research and development projects and have created numerous heating solutions. We have been pioneers in developing new and improved conservation and energy-efficient technology in the country for the past 40 years. Our innovations have been effectively implemented in both the private and public sectors across the world.

Our Clients

Below listed are the major clients of our company:

  • Godrej
  • Usha Martin
  • Tata
  • Exide
  • Korus
  • Ramco Group
  • RHI
  • Simplex
  • Uttam
  • Samtel
  • RMG Alloy Steel Limited
  • Gulf Steel
  • Welspun
  • Tata Motors
  • SMS Group
  • Primetals Technologies
  • Tata Refractories
  • Vizag Steel

  • Tata Steel
  • Sterlite
  • Visa Steel
  • Escorts
  • UnitedSteel
  • Shah Alloys Limited
  • SAIL
  • Shyam Steel
  • BHEL
  • Polycab
  • Orient Abrasives Ltd.
  • Shriram Piston & Rings Ltd.
  • Gunug Steel Group
  • Bajaj
  • Continental Engineers
  • Mahindra
  • NECO Group of Industries
  • Rashmi Group
  • NDMC

Research & Development Activities

ENCON established an in-house R&D Centre in 1997 to stay up with worldwide technology developments. The R&D initiatives were initially funded by GAIL and the Ministry of Technology and Science, in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Petroleum in Dehradun.

The center was built to meet worldwide standards for combustion research and development. 
We monitor and record real-time data from all sensors, as well as the formation of flue gases, in order to fine-tune the burner and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while maximizing energy production from new advancements.

We were named the champions of the WHR Facility for Low Carbon Technology Deployment (FLCTD) innovation competition for the development of regenerative burners. 

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) collaborate to develop the FLCTD.

Innovations at our R&D center 

  • Gaseous film burners- These burners have proven to be economically viable, with savings of up to 16 percent when compared to traditional burners. 
  • Gas Heating Elements- They may be retrofitted into any heating element application up to a temperature of 550C. During Techmart'99 India International Trade Fair, this technical breakthrough of Gas Heating Elements was awarded the 'First Prize' for the 'Best Technology.' CII 2003 also awarded the gas heating components with the 'EXCELLENCE IN TECHNOLOGY' award. 
  • Our R&D facility has high-velocity burners, powered by any liquid or gaseous fuel. The burners are used in heating furnaces and tundish preheaters.
  • Low calorific value burner (Main & Pilot Burners)- For various applications, these burners are employed in integrated steel plants worldwide.
  • Regenerative burner- It has numerous applications and can be used in different geometries including a ring, a straight line, a plus, a square, and so on.


For manufacturing high-end products like Retrofit in Washing MachinesBattery Curing And Drying Oven, Boggie Hearth Furnace, Air Blowers, Horizontal Ladle Preheaters, etc., we have installed the following list of machines in our infrastructure:

  • Shearing machine
  • Bending machine
  • Lathe machine
  • Rolling machine
  • Radial drilling machine
  • Bench drill machine
  • Power hacksaw machine
  • Welding set (Inverter type)
  • Welding set (Rectifier)
  • Welding set (Two phase)

  • MIG welding machine
  • Bench grinder
  • Angle grinder
  • Hand drill machine
  • Compressor
  • Genset
  • Hydra crane
  • Hand press
  • Weighing machine
  • Pipe cutting machine

  • Magnet drill machine
  • Gas cutter set
  • Pug cutting machine
  • Testing furnace
  • Testing oven
  • Plasma cutting machine
  • Electrode heating oven
  • Blow pipe
  • Pipe cutting machine

Year Achievements / Landmarks

The landmarks of our company according to years are as follows:




From boiler waste gases, a condensate recovery system with a water preheater was used. Indigenous Recuperator was developed.


Conversion of Oil-Fired Boiler to Coal cum Wood Firing. Designed 4-5 tons per hour BRHF.


12 BRHFs with completely new designs were delivered to a forging plant in Gujarat. Achieved 30 percent savings.


With indigenous materials and designs, retrofitted a 100 sq. meter surface area for VISC, Bhadrawati, Karnataka.


Under direct surveillance of Hon. Rajiv Gandhi, built one-third super structure area at RCF, Kapurthala.


First Indigenous Recuperator Ladle with engineers of Mukand Ltd, Bombay. Step-by-step improvements resulted in a 75 percent reduction in costs.


With new concept of Ceramic Fiber Lining, first BRHF on turnkey basis to Kenya was supplied.


Introduced Mono Block Pressure Jet Burners in non-ferrous melting & other applications.


Built largest single span bridge in the country over River Chennab. Complete job was finished in 6 months. Hydraulic lifting and lowering system for a 90-tonne ladle heating station was introduced.


Major advancements in Aluminum melting technology by introducing Ceramic Fiber Lining & Mono Block Burner. Electrical energy was saved by 95 percent while oil usage was reduced by 30 percent.


Converted electrical heating to indirect oil firing, marking the beginning of a new era of energy efficiency.


On a minimal expenditure of $150,000, we modernized and renovated a 45 TPH / BRHF at Tata SSL, Tarapore, saving $100,000 per month.


During the IITF Tech Mart, we won first prize for Introducing the Best Technology.


Our R&D Center developed an indigenous industrial gas burner. Savings of up to 16 percent in Industrial Gas Burners were realized through a project financed by the Ministry of Science and Technology and GAIL, in collaboration with IIP.


ISUZU commercial vehicle came out of our ovens.


Exported Recuperator to Jordan for 60 tons/hr. walking Beam Billet Reheating Furnaces. The efficiency of the Recuperator was increased by 3% after it was retrofitted.


Toyota-Prado came out of our oven. At IETF, we won the Excellence in Technology from CII.


7-Meter-high oven was designed and manufactured by ENCON for Areva and the order has been repeated thrice already.


Raycon technology was introduced to dry patch up line in induction furnaces. Coal Gasifier was supplied to Dhiman Iron & Steel Industries Ltd. Sand Dryer was supplied to Tirath Alloys Ltd.


For medicine drying, a 160 ft long HYBRID oven (Solar-Gas-Electric) was conveyorized.


Horizontal Ladle Preheater, Vertical Ladle Preheater (180 Ton), were designed, manufactured and supplied.

Laundered Preheater and vessel preheater to Bhushan Steel for their SMS -II plant at Angul, Orrisa.

Three stand Tundish preheater and dryer for Bhillai steel plant were designed, manufactured and supplied and the burners of these Tundishes were developed in-house and us was energized by Coke Oven Gas.

Designed, produced, and supplied to Vijay Industry an oven powered by a Radheat gas heating element for an annealing furnace with an operating temperature of 550 Celsius.


14 ovens to Areva T&D were designed, manufactured and supplied. The tallest oven that was provided was 9 meters tall.

Retrofitted a 35 Ton/hr., Billet reheating furnace for ISWP which is a subsidy of Tata Steel, the fuel consumption has come down to 32.6 Liter/Ton (previously 45 liter/ton) of steel produced. Scaling is down to 1 percent which previously was 1.5 to 2 percent. For the previous two years that the furnace has been operational, there has been no failure. The bull nose had to be repaired every six months previously. Steel is produced at a rate of 35 tons per hour in the furnace.


We designed, manufactured and supplied 7 strand Tundish preheater, Tundish dryer and Nozzle Preheater for CCM 1, 2 & 3 to Vizag Steel Plant for their expansion project. We also designed, manufactured and supplied an oven energized by Radheat gas heating element to Polycab for an annealing furnace, the working temperature of the oven is 450 C. TATA Motors Jamshedpur commissioned us to design, manufacture, and supply a core bake oven energized by a Radheat gas heating element.

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